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Apr 29, 2022 4 min read

How Curriculum Designed for Early Childhood Education Benefits Child Care Centers

Courtney McGann By: Courtney McGann

Too many people believe that curriculum only benefits school-age kids. But a strong curriculum at child care centers is vital to prepare children for kindergarten and to aid in their development.

Let’s look at how offering a high-quality early childhood education curriculum benefits young learners and how it can benefit your center!

How High-Quality Early Childhood Education Curriculum Benefits Children

Older kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from curriculum. Here are some reasons to invest in an educational program that meets the needs of babies through pre-K.

Academic Achievement

Studies have shown that early learning education leads to better academic performance.

For example, kids who go to preschool are generally able to adjust to the rigors of kindergarten better than kids who stay home with their parents. This is because they’ve already been exposed to teacher expectations and school-like routines.

Early childhood education has also been proven to reduce the chance of special education placement and increase the likelihood of high school graduation.

Finally, the U.S. National Institute of Health found that children up to 4 years old who attend a high-quality daycare achieve higher academic scores as teenagers.

Improved Social Skills

Child care curriculum helps kids learn important social skills such as sharing and taking turns. Each of these things is essential to the daily interactions they’ll have in life.

But that’s not all. The right curriculum can also help kids learn to express their emotions and cope with specific feelings like anger and sadness. These are essential life skills.

A Love of Learning

One of the greatest gifts you can give your daycare kids is a love of learning.

Early learning curriculum helps foster a love of learning in kids by teaching them in fun and exciting ways. The best educational programs don’t force kids to sit still and listen to their teachers drone on for hours. They allow them to play games, sing songs and make art.

These things will teach older kids that learning is a worthwhile activity, which they’ll carry with them for years after they leave your early childhood education center.

How Your Center Benefits

Parents prefer to enroll their kids in centers that use a proven child care curriculum.

Why? Because it will expose their kids to all of the benefits listed above. Every parent wants their children to be healthy, learn social skills and develop mature attention spans. When they see that your early childhood education center teaches these things, they’ll be more likely to sign their kids up.

An early learning curriculum will also help parents justify the cost of your services.

The best child care centers educate children in fun and exciting ways. This is something that many parents are willing to pay good money for. 

How Procare Early Learning Can Help

Early learning curriculum is important for young children. Once you invest in an educational program for your daycare, you’ll be able to teach your kids important life skills, while making your business more attractive to parents.

Procare Early Learning powered by Learning Beyond Paper is an all-new, all-digital curriculum specifically designed to meet the unique needs of educating children from infancy through pre-kindergarten.  

It embeds Learning Beyond Paper’s early childhood curriculum, which was designed by educators with decades of combined experience, into the Procare platform, making it easier and less time-consuming for busy teachers and administrators to provide high-quality education. 

With Procare Early Learning powered by Learning Beyond Paper, child care centers can: 

  •   Equip teachers with state-of-the-art online curriculum at their fingertips
  •   Dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on lesson planning each week
  •   Offer children a high-quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum
  •   Save money with this cost-efficient solution that’s integrated with Procare

This curriculum can be used in ALL child care center classrooms, with 52 weeks of lesson plans and more than 4,000 daily activities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners.  Learning areas include STEAM, language and literacy, physical development, cognitive, music and movement as well as interactive reading. Plus, teachers get tips and tools they can use in real time. 

Learn more about our all-digital curriculum offering here.

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

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Courtney McGann