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Jun 5, 2018 4 min read

Harnessing the Power of the Millennial Parent with Daycare Apps

Procare By: Procare

Millennials make up the young professionals of today’s world. They carry a tremendous amount of spending power, with $200 billion spent in the past year. In such a competitive field, child care center owners must continuously work to find new ways to reach their audience and appeal to them.

This can certainly be achieved through a variety of tactics and tools; however, let’s focus on improving child care services through the implementation of daycare apps, and by leveraging the right software.These days, millennial parents are who child care center owners need to reach and appeal to for the business to flourish. The numbers back it up.

Below we explore how millennials are dominating the childcare market, and why daycare apps and software can make all the difference.


Millennials are Dominating the Child Care Market

Not only do millennials have money to spend, but they also have children that need to be cared for while they are working. In the past year, 80% of children were born to millennial parents, and 60% of children under the age of six have two parents in the workforce.

Reaching millennial parents can make or break a modern child care center. In order to maintain a strong base of customers and continue building on successes of the past, child care center owners must transition from the needs of past generations to those of current and future generations. If engaging millennial parents isn’t a focus, it may lead to them looking elsewhere, even if a child care provider is one of the most qualified in the area.

Parents’ must-haves like safety, quality of care, and focus on child’s educational growth will never change. What will continue to evolve is how millennial parents interact with child care business. There are three fundamental changes worth noting:

  • Mobile Devices – Millennials heavily rely on their mobile device for day-to-day tasks and treat it like a wallet.
  • Self-Service – If a solution isn’t easy, comfortable, and predictable, millennials may shy away from it.
  • Customization – Personalizing the experience for parents and their children will keep them interested, involved, and loyal.

How Technology Can Help Engage Millennial Parents

The childcare industry has traditionally been slow to adopt the technology, but centers are now implementing software solutions to manage their administrative tasks better.

The time-consuming task of managing massive amounts of data and paperwork is a common thread in the childcare business. This includes information such as immunization records, allergies, contact information, authorized pick-ups, staff hours, ratios and much more.

By leveraging daycare apps and software, providers can deliver a more enjoyable experience for parents. Child care businesses need to focus on these four things:

  1. Gather and store family data digitally
  2. Implement mobile and online payment systems that parents expect
  3. Easily manage payroll and staff scheduling
  4. Minimize the time spent on paperwork

By using the right software, child care providers can simplify processes and show parents they are not only an elite child care professional, but they also have a passion for making things easy and accessible.

Software solutions allow for gathering and storing information digitally, so that it’s easily accessible, minimizing the time spent on paperwork and leaving more time for interacting with the children and their parents. In addition to software features and functionality, Cloud access lets providers get work done from wherever, and not chained to a desk.

Consider for just a second – 80% of millennials use the internet to manage their finances and pay their bills. Daycare solutions from Procare help improve the overall experience by streamlining child care related tasks and making parents’ lives easier. Ultimately, that’s what millennial parents desire.

Final Thoughts

Investing in modern child care technology and pairing it with child care expertise is what sets centers apart from their competition. Effectively reaching and engaging millennials can help drive long-term success.

Looking for ways to manage child care on-the-go? Procare Cloud Web Apps can help with check-in and reporting with no paperwork necessary. Learn more about how Procare can help!

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

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