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Jan 15, 2020 4 min read

How to Choose Budget-Friendly Software for Your Daycare

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Managing a daycare center budget has never been more challenging. With so many different expenses to consider, including classroom supplies, rent and utilities, employee salaries, food, and much more, having a clear and defined budget is crucial.

Your budget should be consistently monitored and expenses need to be updated daily, which will allow you to see where the daycare is succeeding or falling short. Managing a budget can be difficult and providers either have to learn to do it themselves or hire someone to do it for them, which adds to the overall operational cost. Software programs can help you manage a budget quickly and efficiently so that your energy as a child care provider can be directed less on administrative tasks and more on where it matters most – the children.


However, while it’s important to have solid management software for your daycare, you should avoid investing too much money into something that is ultimately supposed to help you cut down on unnecessary costs. With a rise in affordable daycare software options, now is the perfect time to move your operations into a simple and efficient system.

How Daycare Software Can Help with Budgeting

Daycare software offers an all-in-one solution to easily and efficiently run your child care center. For far too long, providers have been chained to their desks and forced to handle mundane administrative tasks instead of focusing on improving the children’s experience. Automating your business through software will free up the staff’s time, allowing for more opportunities to engage with both children and parents.

Daycare software can also help both owners and staff members to manage and stick to a budget. As previously noted, there are many costs associated with running a daycare, and having an organized system all in one place can help you avoid any financial gaps. Features like tuition collection also help to ensure all payments are collected in full and on time, meaning you can spend less time chasing down parents for owed fees.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Daycare Software Program

To avoid overspending, you’ll need to take the following factors into consideration before choosing a daycare software for your center:

Which Features Are Right for Me?

When deciding which features would be beneficial to your daycare, consider factors like size, growth rate, capacity, and long-term goals. Keeping these in mind when deciding on software will help you avoid overspending on features that you might not even use or need.

In regard to budget management, features to look out for include tuition collection, employee management, agency accounting, or expenses and ledger. Consistent monitoring is crucial to a successful budget, and these features allow for greater transparency within the entire care center.

How Much Should I Budget for Daycare Software?


A daycare budget is essentially split between two things: income and expenses. Income is all of the money coming into the daycare, and includes tuition costs, child care subsidies, and any other applicable fees.

Your expenses will include anything the daycare has spent money on, such as employee salaries, rent and utilities, administrative costs, food, etc.

Deciding how much you should spend on daycare software is going to be dependent upon your center’s average net profit as well as the specific features you’ll need to effectively manage your center.

How Can I Get the Best ROI for Daycare Software?

While the cost of daycare software may increase your expenses, when compared to the time you’ll save on various administrative tasks, you can quickly see a return on investment.

Software makes it easier to manage your child care center entirely in-house, cutting out any unnecessary middlemen, positions, or costs, such as a full-time bookkeeper for example. Management software also allows you to avoid potential security risks when handling sensitive information such as child updates and payment details. Instead of having to communicate via public platforms like social media or the center’s website, everything is shared internally.

Final Thoughts

Some providers are hesitant to use software programs for their daycare centers because they are worried the cost will be too high to make it worth it or the learning curve will be too difficult to overcome. Even though it may raise your monthly expenses, employing cost-efficient software will ultimately save you money in the long run.

Find the right software for your daycare by assessing the business’s needs, goals, and capabilities so you can be confident you are making the right choice.

Learn more about how Procare’s budget-friendly software solutions can help you manage your daycare.

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

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