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Insights from the Experts: Procare Safety and Security Solutions

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Secure Education Consultants (SEC) is a unique safety and security consulting firm. Our uniqueness lies in two facts; not only is our staff made up completely of former US Secret Service Agents, but we are also the first and only security consulting company that focuses its efforts in the child care industry. In addition, our founder, Jason Russell, has been immersed in the child care industry for over 10 years as his wife owns Milestones Child Development Centers, a chain of highly successful centers in Michigan. SEC focuses its efforts in child care in three distinct areas; assessing existing facilities, assisting clients with designing and building new centers, and training staff on how to respond to emergencies and critical incidents.

As SEC began to visit and assess child care facilities, it became clear early on that the safety and security components Procare provides for child cares are by far the best in the industry. While assessing a facility, the SEC consultants are always encouraged when a client utilizes Procare hardware and software because the product helps instill organization and structure within the facility. The Procare products provide not only reliable and robust entry control platforms, but they dramatically improve a center’s ability to effectively respond to an emergency by providing much needed communication ability and critical incident information.

The entry control systems provided by Procare provide for either unique coded entry or an extremely well developed dual authentication biometric control. SEC has found these systems to be both reliable and easy for clients to set up and use. Procare also has several hardware options that increase the security of guest entry control, including a ticket based system that increases accountability and visibility.

The software components, while designed for child care management, provide significant benefits to emergency management command, control, and communication during critical incidents and emergency situations. The software meets the needs of childcares to maintain accurate and current accountability of the children and maintains crucial emergency related data, such as digital photos and emergency contact information. These pieces of information, along with the ability to quickly alert families, make the post-incident response far less chaotic.

Secure Education Consultants are experts in physical security, emergency preparedness, and critical incident training. All members of SEC have been involved in safety and security at the highest level, providing protection to The President, The White House, countless world leaders, high-profile nationals, special security events, and critical infrastructure. When designing safety and security, childcares must ensure they not only properly design their facilities to maximize safety and security, but must also ensure they select hardware and software that complement and incorporate those designs. The Procare hardware and software solutions provide this critical integration in a reliable and functional fashion and the support provided by Procare is excellent.

SEC has been impressed by Procare’s forward looking perspective on safety and security and its continued improvement of its hardware and software platforms to further bolster child care’s ability to maintain a high level of security and preparedness. We at SEC have not seen a more capable product that so easily pairs with the training and protocols we help our partner centers implement.


Jason Russell

President/CEO Secure Education Consultants

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