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Keeping Staff Happy This School Year

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It’s no secret that a happier staff will experience less burnout, more productivity, and a greater overall working experience. In a child care center this is especially important because, though rewarding, child care can also be demanding, and teachers need to be able to give the children their undivided attention at all times. Here’s a list of our top tips to keep your employees happy and able to run at full capacity this year.

Keep Communication Open

Communication is key in every relationship. Ensure your employees are comfortable coming to talk with you, and always value their opinions. Whether it’s a casual conversation about their weekend or they have suggestions for your center, give them your full attention. For one, they might have great ideas you hadn’t thought of before. Just as important, though, is building a relationship with them through that open communication and understanding. If employees know you trust and value them, they will perform better and be happier while doing so.

Show You Care

In a recent survey by, 87% of people listed a company “that truly cares about the well-being of its employees” as the single most important characteristic they look for in a job–above benefits and perks, above base salary, and even above job security. Get to know your staff personally, beyond who they are from 9 to 5. As the data shows, genuine care and interest will go a long way toward helping staff feel invested in your business and excited to come back to work every day.

Recognize Staff Accomplishments

There are few things better than being openly recognized for your hard work. Let your employees know you see what they do day in and day out. Perhaps send out a monthly email detailing the amazing things teachers are doing around the school, or start electing a teacher of the month. This will not only let them know they’re doing a great job, but encourage them to keep doing that same great work in the future–and overall keep them happier, knowing their work is meaningful and valued.

Practice Gratitude

It feels good to be recognized for hard work, but it feels even better to be thanked for it as well. Teachers are often the ones deepest in the trenches, changing diapers, wiping noses, and tending scraped knees. They wouldn’t be in the business if they didn’t love the kids, but sometimes it’s nice to be appreciated by their boss as well, even for the little things.

Overall: Connect

All of the points above circle back to one theme: connection. Just like parents want to know what’s going on with the center and their kids throughout the day, teachers want to feel like they’re an integral and appreciated part of the center. Knowing they’re heard, understood, and valued will give them a sense of purpose and help them take pride in their own work–leading to happier days and greater job satisfaction overall.

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