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Jun 29, 2021 2 min read

Procare Desktop Feature Allows Centers to Track Health of Employees, as well as Logging Children’s Checks

Procare By: Procare

As parents across the country wait for COVID-19 vaccinations to become available for young children, daycare centers continue to do all they can to protect their staff and the kids in their care.

A feature on Procare Desktop is helping do just that. It takes the ability to log health checks throughout the day, something offered by each of Procare’s child care software solutions, to a new level – it can track staff health checks as well.

The additional feature is called Health Check Extra. It’s a way for health screening questions to be imported for child center employees, such as details including the staff member’s temperature or any symptoms they may be experiencing.  

It allows the answers of a health questionnaire completed by a staff member to be imported directly into the software. 

“I said that it’s great we’re doing families, but I have employees who need this just as badly,” said Carl Salvo, owner and chief strategy officer of Apple Blossom Preschool in Barrington, Rhode Island and Procare client.

Carl, who was a software engineer before opening Apple Blossom, was keeping a separate database for employees. He worked with Procare developers to integrate the employee data into the Desktop platform as well.

Each time you run the Extra feature and import a file into Procare, the information will be added to the employee’s log notes as one entry for the date of the import.

Procare Desktop long has offered log sheets that you can customize to track health checks.

Through Procare Parent Engagement – Procare’s parent communication solution that integrates with Procare Desktop – child care administrators and staff can log health checks for children. 

The ability to track health checks for staff provides another layer of safety for child care centers, such as the one Carl runs – a center that makes health a centerpiece of its curriculum. For example, he values teaching kids to love vegetables before they develop a taste for sugar, and his center doesn’t use plastic or electronics. In fact, it just built a yurt.

Let features such as the Health Check Extra help you free up more time to do the things that you love about running a child care center.  

To learn more about the Health Check Extra feature for employees, check out Procare’s support page on the topic.

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