Register New Children Easily Through MyProcare

published | 9/2/2018

MyProcare Registration Scheduling Software

New child registration can be a time-consuming task. The families need to come in, you need to give them the right paperwork, and then you have to input it all into your Procare system. Then you repeat this process for every new child who registers for the coming year.

What if you didn’t have to do any of that, though? That’s the magic of MyProcare, an exclusive service of Procare Cloud. With MyProcare, your only job is to make sure an incoming child’s parents have a link to your MyProcare portal. Then, from the comfort of their home (or even their smartphones!), parents go through the registration process alone online, entering their children’s information and answering the registration questions you’ve customized beforehand. When they’re done, the information is easily imported  into your Procare system--no extra work on your part. Just like magic, the newly registered children appear in your system, ready to go.

Entering children’s information and answering registration questions.

Learn more about MyProcare and how it doesn’t just get your time back from the tedious registration process, but also lets parents select schedules for their children and make online payments, and it automatically backs up your information every night.

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