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Oct 7, 2021 6 min read

Registration is on the Horizon for Next Year’s After School Programs: How Parent Engagement Tools Can Help

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Registration is just a couple months away for next year’s before and after school programs in your school district. That means it’s a good time to start thinking about how you can keep parents informed of what their kids are doing in your programs, and how you can promote your level of engagement in your registration materials.

Let’s take a look at the relationship between parent engagement and the success of after school programs, and at some ways to encourage parent engagement.

What is Parent Engagement?

Parent engagement can be described as active, present and positive participation in a child’s life and activities. It can also encompass the ways schools and programs connect and build relationships with parents to enhance children’s learning and development. 

In the context of after school programs, parent engagement is about immersing parents in their child’s experience by sharing photos, videos, newsletters, milestones, daily activities and more through channels such as apps, phone calls, emails, texts and website updates. 

As parents continue to be concerned about the health, safety and well-being of their children as the result of COVID-19, it has never been more important to keep the lines of communication open and consistently reassure parents that you are keeping children in your care safe.

Parents increasingly are seeking technology to help coordinate busy schedules. That’s especially true for millennials, who are the majority of today’s parents.

Parent engagement is critical to attracting families to your program. How is your program doing when it comes to keeping parents informed, engaged and connected? Take Procare’s free Parent Engagement quiz to help you answer those questions! 

Why is Parent Engagement Important for After School Programs?

We consider before and after school programs an extension of the school day, and studies have repeatedly confirmed that parent involvement and engagement with the school improves educational outcomes for kids. The best after school programs place a strong emphasis on parent engagement as they develop and deliver programming that is designed to maximize outcomes for kids.

Numerous studies have shown that parent engagement is one of the strongest predictors for healthy child development. 

For example, a study of 96 school-based after school programs supported by the After-School Corporation (TASC) identified connections between program staff and families as one of the features of high-performing programs. In fact, efforts to engage families through regular communication were some of the most common features among the 10 programs whose participants had the highest academic performance. For before and after school programs, this means that a strong out-of-school time program can translate to better success during traditional class time. 

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires states to develop strategies for engaging with families and provides funding to support parent engagement.

Another program called 21st Century Community Learning Centers provides federal funding for after school providers that offer academic enrichment programs in areas with high poverty rates and low-performing schools. 

Promoting family and community engagement in summer and after school learning programs is an important component of this program.

And this year, school districts are regrouping and rethinking their before care and after school programs due to the ongoing pandemic. Click here for the answers to three key questions about addressing challenges in out-of-school-time programs. 

How to Boost Parent Engagement in After School Programs


Understand Limitations on Parent Engagement

With the reduction or complete elimination of face-to-face communication opportunities with parents, after school programs need to be vigilant in leveraging other parent engagement strategies that accommodate social distancing measures. 

Open Lines of Communication

The coronavirus pandemic has created the need for increased communication with parents and families, not only to keep them apprised of any changes to the programs, but also, and perhaps more importantly, to assure parents you’re doing everything in your power to keep their children safe. 

This is why after school programs should invest in technologies that make it easier to communicate regularly with parents via digital channels. 

Frequent communication between programs and families is a strong predictor of consistent program attendance, so after school program coordinators should strive to send regular updates, information, calendar changes and other announcements out to parents on a regular basis.

Share Pictures and Video

After school programs can promote parent engagement by sharing pictures and videos of activities and learning experiences directly with parents. Sharing media helps spread the word about what their program is doing and the positive impact the program is having on kids in the community. Kids also love seeing themselves in pictures and video, which can make them and their parents even more keen to participate.

Elicit Parent Feedback

Every loving parent wants to be a part of their child’s happiness and growth, and especially during times like these, they want to have a say in their child’s extracurricular experiences. Parents are much more likely to go along with program changes when they feel like they’ve been brought along on the journey. 

After school programs can easily leverage surveys to poll parents on a variety of topics and issues to see what they can do to improve their programs. Or programs could provide parents a few options regarding new procedures they’re exploring, and see which option(s) work best for them. That way, when changes are implemented, parents will feel more valued and engaged because the after school program included them in the process. 

Support Parent Engagement with SchoolCare Works

With the right digital tools, child care providers are empowered to communicate directly with parents and provide them with more transparency and insight into after school program activities and events. 

SchoolCare Works is a purpose-built software solution that helps after school programs connect with parents on a regular basis to boost parent involvement and engagement. With SchoolCare Works, child care providers can:

  • Manage child and family data with an online family portal
  • Offer secure online payments by credit or debit card
  • Manage enrollment level, staffing and scheduling across multiple program sites
  • Use email, texting and push notifications to keep parents in the loop with new updates
  • Share monthly calendars so parents can plan to attend events or activities — parents can choose what days they want their kids to attend and the software handles scheduling so you don’t have to. The feature has helped the Denver and Jefferson County school districts effectively manage their programs. 

With SchoolCare Works, after school programs can boost their engagement with parents using digital channels, help parents get more involved with activities and events, and achieve better outcomes for kids as a result.

And now also is a good time to assess how software could help if you’re still relying on clunky methods such as spreadsheets, stacks of handwritten forms that you must enter into your system or paper sign-in and sign-out sheets.

Software offered by Procare allows districts to accurately and easily track attendance and children’s activities, keep families up to date by systematizing communications like their children’s schedules, key events and important forms as well as automatically bill your families to ensure on-time payments.

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Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

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