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Jun 2, 2013 3 min read

Stamps, Collections, and Your Child Care Business

Procare By: Procare

Are you a collector? I’ll bet you are and you don’t even know it. When I was young, maybe 10 or 12 years old, I had a stamp collection and looked forward to going to the small post office in my hometown to see what newly issued stamps were available. There were only a few postal workers in our branch and they all got to know me after a while. They’d wait patiently as I made my choice about what plate block to buy that week, using money from my allowance or part-time job.

Collector’s note: A plate block is a group of stamps, along the corner edge of a larger sheet, which contains the plate number (kind of like a serial number) from which the stamps were printed. It’s the little white edge most people tear off, but when attached to the stamps, it’s considered rarer and more valuable than just a random block of stamps. Okay, that’s more than you really wanted to know about philatelists (stamp collectors).


Your Personal Collection

Perhaps you collect something too? Maybe you have a theme collection, such as items with butterflies, turtles or kittens on them. I had an aunt who collected anything with strawberries, including wall hangings, knickknacks, teapots – you name it. Some people collect thimbles, key chains, teacups, comic books or baseball cards. But even if you don’t have an official collection of any particular kind, there’s something you, as a child care business owner, do collect.

Your Business Collection

Yes, of course, it’s tuition and fee payments from the families at your center. Although collecting payments is probably not something you enjoy, like a hobby collection would be, it is a key factor in the success of your child care business. And, many of you have already taken the step of automating payment processing with Tuition Express. As with any type of collection though, adding to and improving it are the goals.

A Goal of Full Participation

What percentage of your families currently participate in Tuition Express? If the answer is 30%, 50% or even 75%, that means you’re still posting many payments by hand, waiting in line at the bank, and chasing after at least some of your money. Why not make a goal for your collection; a goal of full participation? Imagine if every family paid using Tuition Express.

What’s holding you back from making automated collection of your money mandatory? Learn how to take your collection to the next level. See: Making Tuition Express the Way You Do Business

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

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