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Stay Secure with Procare Touch ID

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Fingerprint ID makes for easy child care check-in. There’s no need to remember a PIN or recall a username and password–one touch to the fingerprint scanner and a parent is able to check their kids in and out, view their schedules, and even make tuition payments.

Even though fingerprints are more secure than passwords, many people still have questions about how safe they are. The answer is that fingerprint check-in with the Procare Touch Computer or USB Biometric Fingerprint ID Pad is incredibly safe because it, in fact, does not even record the fingerprint!

Procare’s touch ID check-in solutions scan fingerprints with a bright light that shines over the ridges and valleys of an individual’s print. Instead of snapping a photo of the fingerprint to crosscheck later, it assigns unique data points within the fingerprint and then measures the distance and divergence between the points. This information is turned into a numerical value that’s specific to that single fingerprint, and this is the information the computer encrypts and stores.


When a parent scans their fingerprint to check a child in or out of the center, the scanner goes through the same process in reverse, cross-referencing the values stored in its database. When a match is found the corresponding family account is shown on screen. Since no one can have the same fingerprint, no one will have the same unique numerical value either, meaning only a parent or other authorized guardian can complete the check-in/out process.

The speed and efficiency of the scanning system makes for quick and easy check-in for everyone involved, rather than tediously signing in and out on a piece of paper. And there’s no need to worry about a fingerprint being lost or stolen, as the print is not stored, the unique numeric code is encrypted, and there’s no way to recreate a print from the numeric code. Using fingerprint ID is one more way to make everyone’s lives easier and make your center more efficient through automation–and a proven safe one at that.

Learn about Procare’s other check-in options available with the Procare Touch Computer and Biometric Fingerprint ID Pad.

2024 Child Care Management Software Industry Trends

2024 Child Care Management Software Industry Trends

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