published | 5/17/2011

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Now is the time to streamline 
pre-registration, scheduling and forecasting of your enrollment and revenue.

If there were a town crier, he’d be excitedly running through the streets yelling, “Summer is coming! Summer is coming!” And it is… finally! We are beginning to see it everywhere: longer days, brighter skies, blooming flowers and for us in childcare, the management of summer and fall pre-registration.

For all of us in the child care industry, we are consistently preparing for the season ahead. Managing what’s going on now while predicting what will be coming up is a tall order and it certainly keeps everyone on their toes this time of year.

Procare Software® offers exciting new features designed to help early childhood administrators improve and streamline the process of pre-registration, scheduling and forecasting enrollment and revenue for future sessions so that centers can run profitably at full capacity.

Date Specific Child Scheduling

Procare Software: Specific Date Scheduling

Track as many current and future schedules as necessary: Regular fall sessions, holidays, school breaks and summer camps. Simply input the child’s hours and the date range in which a particular schedule will be maintained. Procare will forecast for you how many children you have enrolled and slots available.

Schedule Exception & Absent Days
Procare’s new Schedule Exceptions feature is a great addition to scheduling. Track sporadic changes to children’s schedules: days missed, extra hours required helps determine additional extra hour billing or necessary staffing changes.

Procare Software: Exceptions and Absences

Multiple Billing Contracts

Procare Software: Multiple Billing Example

Children’s rates change from session to session, program to program and as children get older their rates change as they move into different classes. How can you handle this in advance vs. having to remember to update the account when the change occurs? Procare will do it for you by enabling administrators to post these changes in advance, when the registration occurs or when a child plans to move up to an older classroom. Administrators can now:

  •  Maintain a Standard Billing Contract (unaffected by changes to schedule)
  •  Create a new Billing Contract to coincide with schedule changes (rates automatically update when a new schedule begins)

For summer schedules this becomes exceptionally helpful as children may be enrolled for the full summer session or for only partial weeks. Tying billing and scheduling to specific date ranges eliminates the need to change a family’s status from Active to Inactive if they come and go.

Maintain Historical Information on Sessions Attended

Procare v10 also allows you to track who is attending current and upcoming sessions in addition to maintaining the history of prior sessions. If you want to maintain an alumni list or market to families who have used your summer services in the past, this feature will allow you to easily do so. And with Procare’s Letter Merge capability, you can email or send letters directly to these families, marketing upcoming sessions and pre-registration dates.

These new features are exactly what centers have been requesting. With Procare v10, simultaneous tracking of current and future scheduling and billing is now a simple, manageable and easy task.

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