Procare vs Lillio (formerly HiMama) – The Competitive Guide for Child Care Centers

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Get a Comprehensive child care Management platform at An All-in-one Price

Procare’s Track Record Speaks for Itself

Center management software by Procare Solutions is designed to assist child care centers, before and after school programs and youth organizations with managing all aspects of daily operations. Complete and integrated cloud-based software will help centers and enrichment programs organize and simplify administrative tasks, manage classrooms, foster family engagement and communications, finances, billing and payments, child and staff management and more. 

Procare Solutions has been in the business of child care for 30+ years and is used by more than 37,000 child care businesses across the country. With the Procare integrated platform, you will get real-time information for making critical decisions, be able to maintain compliance with local and state regulations and adhere to business best practices. 

Your Peers Have Spoken 

Procare allows me to “work smart and not hard.” I have used this software for almost ten years and this company is constantly improving. I have referred several other daycare providers to this program and it has been a great benefit to them as well.


Why Choose Procare vs. Lillio?

2 out of 3 centers that use software choose Procare, and for good reason!

  • Procare gives you a complete child care management system at your fingertips 
  • All-in-one price, no matter how many children are in your care
  • Procare has streamlined family engagement capabilities to help build stronger connections with the families you serve like attendance, authorized pickups, classroom management, embedded curriculum, student, staff and parent information and the child care mobile app.
  • Programs and lead insights help centers provide multiple enrollment opportunities, as well as prioritize and track prospective customers and programs to boost enrollment
  • Procare offers a 100% digital curriculum that embeds seamlessly for easy lesson planning, giving everything teachers need to provide high-quality instruction that builds on student skills for infants to pre-K at their fingertips
  • Procare offers an intuitive financial management platform for child care centers with attendance-based billing needs
  • Procare has integrated tuition, billing, payments and payment processing all within the platform, so no need for third-party software — low processing, greater flexibility
  • Parents love the child care mobile app because they can stay connected at all times on activities, milestones, curricula, contactless check-in/out, initiating mobile payments and more
  • Staff enjoy the ease of using the child care mobile app to share milestones in real time to engage parents in their children’s ongoing development and more
  • Procare provides 5-star onboarding and people answering support calls live versus a chatbot
  • Procare has expanded the account management services team so every customer has a contact to call

Procare puts you in full control of your child care center, helps you save time and money and makes every day better for child care providers, administrators and parents.


How an Integrated Child Care Management Platform Helps You Run Your Center with Ease


What An Integrated Digital Curriculum Can Do For Your Child Care Center

Procare vs. Lillio Comparison Chart

A Snapshot of Some Important Features Your Center Will Need 

Student Attendance
Parent Engagement
Email/Text Communication ✓
Lead Management and InsightsX
Enrollment Pipeline
Custom Lesson Planning
Built-in Curriculum for Infants to Pre-K
Child Care Mobile App
Payment HandlingNo option for split payments on the same account
Funds Are Typically Processed the Following Business Day*X
Integrates with QuickBooksX
Contactless Check-InX
Multi-Program Scheduling and Enrollment
Staff SchedulingThe director or admin cannot schedule the staff for specific times or days in advance
State Standards / Montessori
Online Payment Portal
Mobile App Payments
eDocument ManagementNo option to create and electronically sign documents
Infant Activity DashboardMust go through multiple steps to log and track activities
Multi-Site Management
Live Phone and Chat Support
Every Customer is Assigned an Account ManagerX
Fixed PricingVariable plan rate based on enrollment and number of users

Don’t settle for a sub-standard child care management platform when Procare has it all!

Procare Offers an Affordable Monthly Rate That Fits Any Child Care Center’s Budget 

Procare Solutions offers everything you need to manage your child care business for one low monthly price. Pricing for Lillio has variable rate adjustments based on student and user counts. As your business grows, so does the cost of running your center with an automated platform.

 With Procare, you don’t pay more as your business grows. 

  • Manage every aspect of your child care center or multiple centers including registration, attendance, schedules, family, child, and staff information, child tracking and more — all in one cloud-based, integrated platform at an affordable monthly rate that doesn’t fluctuate 
  • Grow your business without growing your costs, thanks to solutions that offer support for an unlimited number of children 
  • Nurture classroom and parent interactions through an easy-to-use child care mobile app 
  • Automate billing and payment collection through Procare’s payment processing platform built exclusively for child care businesses. Fully integrated with our software, the platform includes next-business-day funding, fee transparency and live support. 
  • Simplify staff clock in/out, scheduling and payroll 
  • Offer contactless solutions like check-in/out and billing/payments to support the safety of your center 
  • Take advantage of a large expert community to guide you to the right solution for your center 
  • Enjoy live support to help you at every point in your child care business journey 
  • Access to comprehensive reporting that can be customized by state and type of center

Request info about Procare’s all-in-one pricing here.

Procare’s Proprietary Integrated Payment Processing is Easier and Gets You Paid Faster

Delays in payment processing create stress and cashflow problems. The Procare platform provides integrated in-house payment processing allowing your center to accept and process multiple types of payments without additional administration on your part. With Procare you can: 

  • Accept credit or debit card payments in person, online or via the child care mobile app 
  • Set up payments directly from the family’s bank account 
  • Procare has proprietary integrated payment processing within the Procare platform, so your center will always get low fees and dedicated support
  • Lillio doesn’t have its own integrated software. It uses a third-party processor called Stripe, which offers higher rates and fees. That means Lillio cannot control the rates and fees that Stripe publishes. 
  • Get next-day funding for credit cards and automatic payments from checking accounts to ensure you are not waiting for your funds 
  • Electronically process checks without traveling to the bank 
  • Accept and process split fees or co-payments from government agencies without additional hassle 

The faster you can turn around your billing and payments, the quicker the money goes into your bank account and is ready to be used. Procare is the only center management software that has integrated proprietary payment processing. 

Our team of experts has a lot more to say about billing! Check out the articles below.


Why Your Child Care Program Needs Integrated Invoicing, Billing and Payments

Grow Your Center

Attracting new families is a key part of operating a successful child care business. To do that well, you need to know how effective you are at enrolling families who show an interest in your center.  

But keeping up with tasks such as following up with prospective families, often known as leads, and waitlists is laborious. With Procare’s integrated lead insights feature, you can:  

  • Streamline and increase enrollment with lead management 
  • Centralize record-keeping 
  • Track enrollment from start to finish  
  • Automate scheduling and follow-up 
  • Offer digital online registration 

The Procare platform allows you to track interested families and engage with parents who are ready to make a decision and follow families from the time they show interest, through the entire enrollment process. And even better, with the Procare insights feature, centers will be able to keep track of outgoing students to monitor when a class opening will become available.

No other center management platform in the market can give you this type of end-to-end reporting and tracking.

Interested in learning more about growing your child care center? Our experts have your back!


Ways to Automate to Tackle Your Biggest Child Care Business Challenges


Marketing Your Child Care Center

Embedded Curriculum 

As early learning centers struggle to hire and retain staff, and as far too many qualified teachers are leaving the field, an easy-to-use, 21st-century online curriculum is vital for success. Procare offers a 100% digital curriculum that embeds seamlessly, giving everything teachers need to provide high-quality instruction for infants to pre-K at their fingertips. The Procare platform embeds digital curriculum from Learning Beyond Paper to help with creating lesson plans digitally, student assessments and managing lesson plans by classroom without the stress and time-consuming task of outdated paper formats.

Procare is the only solution that can deliver the entire early childhood education ecosystem — lesson planning, lesson delivery within the classroom as well as assessment and family engagement. Being able to do all of these with one platform simplifies classroom management and planning and reduces costs.

Lillio owns and embeds FunShine Express curriculum with its child care management software. Funshine Express offers different packages and memberships based on the age and number of students in your classroom. The average price for a class of 15 students using Funshine Express would typically cost about $2,100 per year. While Funshine Express provides activities for each month, these activities are used individually and do not build on each other. The activities in Procare Early Learning are laid out in a developmental progression. Skills build upon each other, scaffolding children’s learning.

Learn how Procare Early Learning saved a child care center up to $1600/month.

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What A 100% Digital Curriculum Can Do for Your Child Care Center

Best-In-Class Child Care Mobile App 

Procare has an easy-to-use child care mobile app that is fully integrated for staff and family engagement. The platform allows centers to stay connected with the families they serve by sharing important moments, information, learning milestones, contactless check-in/out, mobile tuition payments and more.

Procare’s child care mobile app has over 2 million downloads and an average lifetime user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from staff and parents.  Staff can easily track activities and send messages to families, and parents can make tuition payments in the mobile app, view their child’s progress and updates throughout the day and stay connected through the child care mobile app.

No Contracts

Procare does not have any hidden fees or require annual contracts or set-up fees for new customers.  Procare lets you focus on what matters most — the children you care for. 

Live Support

With Procare, you get five-star support, whether you need help getting started or learning about our advanced features. Also, Procare has expanded the Account Management Services Team so that every customer has a contact to call. 

We have everything you need to get the most out of this all-in-one platform. And if you need one-on-one assistance, our support team is here to help. We offer remote assistance and one-on-one training sessions. 

Plus, we offer live phone support so you have someone to talk to with any questions. And we know you’re working before and after the school day. That’s why we have staff available from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET to make sure you have the support you need. 

And Procare support is available on our website 24 hours a day!


The Need for a Complete and Integrated Child Care Center Management Platform

Ready to Take Your Child Care Center to the Next Level?

Procare is the only solution that gives you everything you need to run your center – from the business side to curriculum, to family engagement – all in one easy-to-use platform.

Procare is used by two out of three child care businesses that use center management software. Let us show you how this integrated system can save you time and money!

Make the move today to the best all-in-one child care management solution in the market!

Procare is here to help.

We know the business of child care. For more than 30 years we’ve been guiding child care professionals just like you to help stay connected and in control.

*Subject to bank funding and processing approvals