Child Care App & Management Platform

You are always connected and in control with the child care app and management platform from Procare Solutions.

For over 30 years, child care professionals have looked to Procare to provide comprehensive child care software with the power to manage every aspect of their center, enrich classroom and parent interactions, and automate the payment process.

We help you by streamlining administrative functions while making life easier for administrators, teachers, and parents so you can focus on what matters most—better outcomes for the children in your care.


Procare is the most recognized name in child care—for good reason.

Procare is used by more than 30,000 child care businesses across the country. Join the thousands of businesses that rely on Procare for real-time information to make critical decisions, maintain compliance with local and state regulations, and adhere to business best practices.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for your child care business.

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Child Care Business Management

Procare gives you the power to manage every aspect of your center — regardless of the size and structure of your organization.

From invoicing, billing, and payments to family and child data to staff and student-to-staff ratios, everything you need is in one place. Our child care app provides comprehensive solutions that save you time and money by streamlining your administrative tasks so you can focus more on the growth and development of the children you serve.

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Parent Engagement

When you are looking to build stronger connections with the families you serve, a parent engagement solution is the answer.

With a fully integrated and complete parent engagement solution that also includes classroom management, you can immerse parents into their children’s day-to-day activities – from tracking developmental milestones to sharing photos and videos to enabling two-way communication.

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Secure & Contactless

Safety has always been a top priority for child care centers, but it has become even more important in today’s world. Eliminating unnecessary foot traffic is key in providing a safer environment.

That’s why Procare enables contactless check-in/out with the choice of either QR codes, GPS curbside or both. And, we also offer security hardware so you can ensure your center is truly secure.

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Tuition Collection and Payment

Procare’s child care app and web platform take the hassle out of child care billing with all of the touchless payment options you need — electronic fund transfer (EFT), online or completely automated. You can also do an in-person point-of-sale transaction if needed.

Finally, tuition collection is a seamless experience for child care providers. Plus, our child care app was built with parents in mind, allowing for convenient online and secure payments that ensure you get your tuition on time.

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Staff Management

Your staff is the hub of your successful child care business. Monitoring and complying with staff-child ratios, allowing staff to clock-in/out and having staff records available readily is key to better managing your employees.

With Procare, you can calculate time card hours, deduct withholdings, track and accrue vacation and sick hours and print payroll checks easily and accurately.

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Track Attendance

Record and maintain up-to-the-minute information on the children in your care with attendance tracking.

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Monitor & Report Staff-Child Ratios

Monitor and manage staff-child ratios for proper development and to meet state requirements.

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Drop off & Pick Up

Maximize the safety of students during the busiest time of the day with contactless QR code and GPS check-in.

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Online Registration

Easily set up and offer online registration to streamline your operations.

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Activity Management

Help children develop skills like cooperation, sharing and socializing with Activity Management and Tracking.

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Early Childhood Learning

Plan weekly lessons, manage curriculum, and assess children’s developmental progress.

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