Child Care Staff Management

Simplify Staff Management at Your Child Care Center

Make staff clock in/out, scheduling and payroll a breeze using Procare’s Staff Management tools.

Procare’s staff management tools help centers schedule, track hours and benefits, administer payroll and maintain staff information easily and seamlessly.

Enable digital staff clock in/out

Save time and improve the accuracy of your child care business reporting and payroll with Procare’s digital staff check-in capabilities. Facilitate clock in/out and record breaks on a mobile kiosk, which tracks your staff payroll hours. This information can then be integrated into Procare’s payroll software options to get your staff paid accurately and on time.

Simplify scheduling and track staff information

Manage staff schedules and keep important staff records at your fingertips, including time card hours, immunizations, employee profiles and more. Maintain careful monitoring of real-time child-staff ratios and attendance trends. Leverage extensive reporting features that help you see daily, weekly and monthly data in an easy-to-read format.

Make payroll effortless

Maintain payroll records, calculate paychecks, and generate reports and insights for your back-office needs. Quickly calculate staff time card hours, deduct withholdings, accrue vacation and sick time hours, and ensure you maintain state compliance. Use direct deposit to transfer funds from your account directly to the bank account of each staff member or print checks if needed.

Set staff access and permissions

Customize your staff’s access to the data and functionality available in the Procare platform. Assign levels of authorization based on staff’s roles and responsibilities.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“It is the only software we trust to track our daily ratios and staff time cards.” – Allison, Preschool Director

“Procare helps us track student and staff attendance down the day and minute, which is invaluable to grant reporting, payroll and tuition reimbursements.” – Amanda, Director

“I am now able to keep records and communications at hand so that I provide efficient customer service to all stakeholders, including staff.” – Laurie, Director

 “All students, all activities, all staff, including billing are at my fingertips!” – Cary, Director 

“We use it for all payments, sign in and out sheets, time cards for staff, scheduling students even simple things like birthday lists. Procare is the staple in my child care.” – Cynthia, Director

Advanced Staff Management

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