Procare online is a powerful, yet easy-to-use child care app and web platform that keeps you connected and in control of your child care center – wherever you are

Procare’s online solution is your all-in-one online solution – available on any device and any platform through our web and mobile apps – helping you remain engaged with your team and families. Whether you manage a child care center or a before and after school program, Procare’s daycare app functionality ensures you’re always connected and in control. 


Software Features

Invoicing, Billing & Payments

Procare offers online billing with the lowest transaction fees and next business day funding. Simply set up recurring plans to get your payments automatically, safe and secure.

Invoicing, Billing & Payments Features

Recurring Billing Plans

Set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recurring tuition and attendance plans, customizable for each student.

  • Process payments online through ACH or credit card
  • Add preset charges to each line item
  • Apply sibling or subsidy discounts
  • Split billing to accommodate divorced or separated parents
  • Get a simplified snapshot of each family’s balance


Real-Time Charges Based on Attendance

Customize our recurring formula for sign-in and sign-out to charge parents only for recorded attendance hours at your child care center.

  • Activity-based charges for after school programs
  • Customize charges based on room, day and time
  • Add charges for late pickups

Powerful Financial Reporting

Quickly export any family statement as an .xls or .pdf file with the click of a button.

  • Keep your child care center and parents in sync with balances that update instantly
  • Easy-to-access year-end tax statements available for download by staff or parents
  • Understand your receivables on the Procare dashboard
  • Integrate with third-party software like Quickbooks

Additional Features

Smart Invoicing

Send a one-time invoice to families any time and add preset charges for quick set-up.

Automatic Payments

Process payments online via ACH or credit card – and offer automatic payments for worry-free tuition collection.

Attendance Billing

Charge parents only for hours, day or week based on attendance with our built-in algorithm.

Sibling Discounts & Subsidy

Configure invoices and pull reports any time for special discounts or child care subsidy programs.

Mobile Payment

Parents can pay online through our iOS or Android app. Collect payments with ease.

Lowest Transaction Fees

Partner with Procare Online to qualify for low transaction fees and fast payment timelines based on enrollment.


Access monthly or year-end tax statements for your child care business with the click of a button.

Secure & PCI Compliant

We provide the highest levels of security in the industry with our billing system – and we’re PCI compliant.

Procare is integrated with Tuition Express®

Tuition Express Logo


Tuition Express is the most efficient and secure child care billing software. Accept one-time or completely automated payments. Convenient for parents, while providing integrated, real-time data and functionality for providers.

Learn More

Contactless Check-In/Out & Staff Time Clock

Make sign-in and out easier and paperless for families and staff  with Procare’s contactless check-in/out and Staff Time Clock features.

Contactless Check-In/Out & Staff Time Clock Features

Staff Time Clock

Save time and improve the accuracy of your child care business reporting with Procare Staff Time Clock.

Easily track your staff payroll hours and send reports to your bookkeeper to run paychecks.


Contactless Check-In/Out

Allow parents and caregivers to check in their child by either scanning a QR code at the center or enabling GPS curbside check-in – which prompts parents to check their child in on their smartphone once they’re within the center’s designated radius.

Monitor Child-Staff Ratios

Track the student-staff ratio for every room at your child care center and get notified with our smart alert system if the ratio is off.

Simply configure your ratio by room, day or time, and never worry about going out of ratio. Always stay ahead of licensing compliance needs.

Charge Parents for Extended Care or Late Pick-Ups

Procare lets you track time by the minute and charge parents for late pick-ups with our integrated billing solution.

Customize rates, configure a grace period and handle siblings with ease.

Authorized Pick-Up Lists

Add any number of authorized pick-ups for each student at your child care center.

Do you have families who carpool? Simply authorize another parent or guardian as a carpool pick-up, and they can use the same pin when signing out a student.

Sign In-Out Alerts & Notifications: We automatically send secure email and push notifications to parents to update them on sign-in and sign-out status.


Additional Features

Digital Sign-In & Sign-Out

Check in students and staff securely. Record accurate timestamps for your reporting.

Kiosk Mode

Lock your device and turn it into a self-service sign-in kiosk with a secure pin or quick pin-less mode.

Signatures & Notes

Capture digital signatures and a note from authorized pick-ups.

Ratios & Monitoring

View real-time child-to-staff ratios anytime. Set up alerts to get notified when your ratio is off.

Staff Timecard to Payroll

Track your payroll hours with child care staff clock-in and easily integrate with payroll systems.

Record Absences

Record and manage student absence records along with detailed notes.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Form

Configure a fully customizable form for authorized pick-ups to fill out during sign-in and sign-out.

Attendance Reporting

Generate reports for child care licensing, payroll hours, center management or billing.

Authorized Pick-Ups

Maintain a list of authorized pick-ups for each family.

Staff Time Clock

Track your staff time clock and connect them to payroll easily. Go digital with a mobile tablet.

We digitize clock-in hours with a one-touch mobile solution for staff.

Time Clock Dashboard

Track your payroll hours with our time clock features. All these payroll reports can be used by your bookkeeper to run paychecks.

  • Visualize daily, weekly or monthly hours
  • Print daily or monthly report in .xls or .pdf
  • Monitor staff count in each room
Procare Connect - timeclock dashboard


Mobile Kiosk for Clock-In

Use unique 4-digit pin to clock in from a mobile kiosk. Accurate timestamps get captured and synced with the cloud.

  • Staff can clock in to specific rooms
  • Clock-out and record breaks
  • Secure to run only with admin permissions

Run Payroll Easily

Automate your payroll with Gusto. Sync clock-in hours in real time.

  • Seamless integration with one-click
  • Generate reports and insights for your back office needs
  • Record overtime and maintain state compliance
Procare Connect - run payrol easily

Additional Clock Features


Digital Clock In-Out

Staff clock in securely. Record accurate timestamps for payroll and reporting.


Sync clock-in hours in real time to calculate payroll.

Child-Staff Ratio

Manage ratios. Get alerts when you have less or more staff.

Staff Kiosk

Run the daycare app as a self-service kiosk with a secure pin.


Staff permissions to monitor their clock-in.


Download daily, weekly or monthly reports in .xls or .pdf format.

Child Care Management

All-in-one child care management for daycare, preschool and after school.

We provide a simplified dashboard so you can keep track of student and family data, staff members, accounting and detailed reporting.

Child Care Management Features

Manage Your Student & Family Data

Have you ever forgotten a birthday? Do you know which children have allergies? Our mobile daycare app will smartly remind you so you never forget again.

Easily manage each student profile from web or mobile. You can also quickly check dietary restrictions, allergies or immunization records.



Track Your Student-to-Staff Ratio

With our real-time staff and student attendance system, you can easily track ratios and ensure you are always licensing-compliant.

Set up alert monitoring to get notified when overstaffed or understaffed.

Learn More About Attendance Tracking

Reporting for All Your Needs

Generate reports with a button click from our dashboard. We support reports right off the shelf for Sign In-Out, Staff Timecard, Billing, Immunization, Family Database, Meal Tracking and more.

Learn more about our integrations in the Marketplace

Additional Features

Enrollment Pipeline & Forecasting

Follow the journey of student enrollment, from the time their family shows interest to the day they graduate from your care. Keep an eye on future enrollment opportunities that show your program and classroom ratios and alert you when new openings become available.

Family & Authorized Pick-ups

Securely store family and pick-up contact details for each student.

Staff Permissions

Manage your staff across one or many schools. Simply assign different permission levels based on what they should see.

Multi-Site Dashboard

Switch between many schools with the click of a button and view the dashboard instantly. Keep tabs on stats across schools.

Immunization & Allergy

Track immunizations and allergies for each student. Generate a report to see who isn’t up to date.

Integration & Imports

Integrate with popular SIS systems and sync data in minutes. Or, get started now by importing a spreadsheet!

Meal Tracking

Easy to use CACFP-compatible meal tracking feature.


Record staff timecards and seamlessly integrate with a payroll provider.

Data Security

Your data is our highest priority. We use the highest level of encryption to keep it secure.

Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement Features


Any successful child care center understands the importance of building meaningful connections with parents and families. To support centers, Procare’s online solution includes web and mobile-based fully integrated parent engagement.. The platform allows centers to stay connected with the families they serve by sharing important moments, information, learning milestones and more through an easy-to-use app.

Learn more about Procare Parent Engagement

Additional Features

Photos & Videos

Share special moments with parents in photos or videos throughout the day.

Daily Sheets

With daily activity sheets, share up to 12 different activities to parents in real time.

Learning Activities

Easily create and track custom developmental milestones for students.

Messaging & SMS

Communicate like never before through our simple chat interface or send SMS alerts for emergencies.

Create Newsletters

Create rich newsletters to share stories and updates from your center in our child care app.

Manage Events Calendar

Keep parents in sync by sharing upcoming calendar events.

Staff-Only Features

Mark activities as staff-only for administrative review – then, approve to share with parents.

Incident Reports

Capture any incidents and mishaps during the day and send or print reports.

Meal Reports

Track meals and share daily food menus. Generate CACFP-compliant reports.

Early Childhood Learning

Plan weekly lessons, manage curriculum and assess children’s developmental progress.

Early Childhood Learning Features

Weekly Lesson Plans

Plan out your lessons for each room or age group.

  • Create and share lesson plans with staff and parents
  • Add unlimited additional lesson materials
  • Capture state standard milestones with lessons


Procare Early Learning Curriculum

Procare Early Learning powered by Learning Beyond Paper (LBP) is a fully integrated, 100% digital curriculum offering for infant to pre-Kindergarten age groups.

  • 52 weeks of lesson plans for five age groups – infant, young toddler, older toddler, preschool and pre-kindergarten
  • Over 4,000 daily and weekly activities, with material lists, learning support, social-emotional development and at-home connection newsletters to engage parents
  • Lesson plans and daily activities are presented in a developmental progression
  • Learning areas including STEAM, language and literacy, physical development and music as well as movement, cognitive and interactive reading
  • Training is built in, with tips and tools teachers can use in real time

Learn More About Procare Early Learning by LBP

Track Early Education Milestones

No more recording your assessments on paper. Use our fully customizable templates for measuring each child’s progress. Procare is pre-populated with state and Montessori standards. And if you have a customized assessment of your own, you can use that too.

  • Customize each of your domains and milestones
  • Comply with any state or Montessori learning standards
  • Use your own progress labels to track development
  • Build student development portfolios

Learn More About Our Alignment with State Standards and Montessori Standards




Capture Daily Observations on Mobile

Simply take a picture or record an observation and Procare will automatically attach them to a student’s portfolio.

  • Log observations or draw from other recorded activities
  • Share daily observations with parents (optional)
  • Attach pictures and specific milestones to each observation

Additional Features

Track Milestones

Easily view developmental progress for all students.


Create weekly lesson plans and tailor curriculum to your school.

Customize Assessments

Customize your assessment standards to fit your needs.

Student Assessments

Share assessment portfolios with parents.

Progress Tracking

Track student progress with observations.

Build Lesson Repository

Manage all lessons and add labels and associated milestones.

Procare has you covered. Our powerful all-in-one, online solution keeps you connected anytime, anywhere.

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