MyProcare - Easily engage families and offer mobile payment solutions with our online parent portal


Easily engage families and offer mobile payment solutions with our online parent portal.

MyProcare Online Parent Portal

MyProcare Parent Portal

Allow parents to do more when you create an online space for parents with MyProcare, a standard feature in Procare.  Allow new families to register online and parents to pay online quickly and easily.  You also have the ability for parents to manage and edit child schedules as well as re-register for upcoming terms.

MyProcare allows parents to:

  • Register Online
  • Make Payments
  • View & Edit Child Schedules
  • View Time Cards & Log Notes
  • View & Print Reports
Scheduling Made Easy with MyProcare Scheduler

Registration with Less Paperwork

Allow new families to easily register online from their mobile device or computer.

Import data directly into Procare, saving time and paper.

Parents Can Pay from Anywhere

Combined with Tuition Express®, parents can make payments while on the go or at home.

Families can pay by credit or debit and view account balances and payment history – saving time for both parents and centers.

Child Scheduling

Create templates for during and after school and allow parents to set their child’s schedule.

Receive notifications of schedule updates and integrate calculate extra hours with Procare's attendance tracking. 

Less Paperwork = More Time with the Kids

Interactive Parent Portal

An on-the-go or stay-at-home solution for parents to review current account information.

Online Registration & Waiting List

Save your center time and paperwork – new family information integrates directly into Procare Software.

Mobile Payments with Tuition Express®

Fast and convenient – allow parents to pay online through their mobile devices.

View & Edit Child Schedules

Families can view and update child schedules while keeping the center informed.

View Time Cards & Log Notes

Allow parents to view time cards and log notes.

Parent Reports

Families are able to view and print statements and tax summaries.


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KidReports’ web-based service provides a variety of electronic classroom management and parent engagement features specifically designed for child care and early education learning centers.

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Atkins, IA

Procare is an amazing software for childcare. The ease of use is amazing and even after two years of having I'm still learning new things and cool features it has to offer!

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