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Procare Software - Family and Child Record Modules
Family and Child Records
Family Data: Record-keeping Software for Child Care, Daycare and Preschool

Family Data Software

  • Child registration & schedules
  • Contacts & child/parent tracking
  • Immunizations
  • Enrollment history
  • Photos & child log notes

Attendance Tracker

  • Cross-family pickups
  • Attendance-based fees
  • Billing methods
  • Interface with Procare Touch & other check-in solutions

Meal Tracker

  • Automate meal counts based on each child’s schedule or their actual attendance
  • Track child eligibility status & reimbursement rates
  • Create weekly & monthly menus
  • Store reusable menus

Activity Manager

  • Define activity categories & locations
  • Schedule unlimited sessions
  • Set class limits
  • Assign instructors
Procare Software - Accounting Modules

Family Accounting

  • Automated billing
  • Payments & bank deposits
  • Late payments & audit trail
  • Reporting & email statements
  • Track deposits for future enrollment
  • Process credit card & online payments with Tuition Express®

Agency Accounting

  • Track agency payments & family co-pays for subsidized families working with agencies like DHS, DFACS, DFS, Headstart, etc
  • Apply payments to specific fees for each child
  • Store agency documents electronically
Procare Software: Expenses and Ledger

Expenses and Ledger

  • Track expenses & balance budgets
  • Assign each bill or invoice to expense categories
  • Vendor tracking
  • Cash or accrual basis accounting
Procare Software - Employee Modules
Employee Record-keeping Software for Child Care, Day Care, Preschool

Employee Data

  • Accurate calendar-based scheduling
  • Log sheets
  • Accrue & track training, vacation, sick time, holidays, etc.
  • Accurately record employee hours
  • Electronic document storage
Procare Payroll Software


  • Quickly calculate time card hours & withholdings
  • Automatic calculation of straight time & overtime hours
  • Batch payroll checks
  • Create a direct deposit file for your bank
  • Print W2s and tax deposits
Procare Software - Corporate and Franchise Module
Corporations & Franchises

Corporate Organizer

  • Easily access & export data from multiple site facilities
  • Gather & consolidate employee payroll hours & general ledger activity
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