Corporate Tracking

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Multiple Site Data Access, Consolidation, Reporting & Exporting Made Simple.

Operations Report 

Easily access and export data from multiple child care locations into spreadsheet format. Audit and compare center performance, revenue flow and enrollment. Standard data categories include charges, payments, aging, enrollment, straight and overtime hours (including cost factors), FTE numbers, and more.

  • Compare data for each location side-by-side.
  • Create numeric categories like the number of tours given, number of parent conferences, etc.
  • Use Excel to make your own worksheets that read data from the Operations Report.
Example Excel Worksheet

Payroll Import File 

Gather staff time card hours from Procare and import them into your third-party payroll system/company for processing. Custom files may be created for import into specific payroll systems, such as ADP, Paychex, etc.*

AP/GL Import File 

Consolidate and import general ledger activity to your organization’s back-end GL accounting system, such as MAS 90, Great Plains, etc.*

Operations Report Data

  • Total Charge/Credit/Payment Reporting
  • Deposit / Deposit Refund
  • Beginning and Ending Balances for Accounts and Agencies
  • Active/Inactive Accounts with Balance Due
  • Total Voided Charges/Credits
  • Customer/Agency Aging
  • Customer/Agency Prepaid
  • Customer/Agency Revenue
  • Total AR for Date Range
  • Classroom FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
  • Changes in Enrollment
  • Employee Hourly/Salary Costs
  • Cost Centers
  • Total Employee Costs
  • ST/OT Hours

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*Additional fees may apply for custom programming based on specific payroll or GL requirements.

Not included in bundle pricing, please call 800-338-3884 to learn more.

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Wilmington, DE

Michelle was VERY helpful! I was still having problems setting up a general withholding formula even after reading through the book and watching the videos and Michelle took her time and worked with me to get it solved.

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