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Employee Recordkeeping for Child Care, Daycare, Preschool

Child Care Employee Management

Organize information and print forms and reports for employees at your child care center. Keep important staff records at your fingertips, including employee schedules and time card hours. Estimate current payroll costs based on hours worked, including automatic calculation of straight and overtime hours. Track benefit hours like vacation, sick time, training and holidays. Benefit hours may even be posted to all employees at once; time card hours and benefits may be imported directly to payroll checks. Maintain careful monitoring of real-time child/teacher ratios and attendance trends.

Employee Information Features

Efficiently organizes everything from staff scheduling to time sheets and benefit hours. Procare offers:

  • Employee Information Tracking
  • Immunization Records
  • Time Card Calculation
  • Vacation, Sick, Training, Holidays, etc.
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Employee Log Notes
  • Electronic Document Storage

Employee Forms and Reports

Print a variety of standard daycare reports and forms for employees.

  • Employee / Classroom Schedules
  • Sign-In & -Out Sheets
  • Employee Time Card Reporting
  • Benefit Hours: Vacation, Sick, Training, Holidays
  • Staff Immunization Summary
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