Want Ideas for Fall Learning in Your Preschool? Check Out This Lesson Plan!

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    Fall is a wonderful time to be outside, but can be a big challenge for early childhood educators to find fall-themed activities for preschool that incorporate learning that can take place outside, as well as indoors should the weather not cooperate.

    Finding such activities means teachers at your child care center often are forced to spend their time scouring the internet for craft ideas from blogs and Pinterest to keep kids entertained while preparing them for kindergarten. 

    That’s one reason that a 52-week curriculum program is essential for early childhood education centers.  

    Procare Solutions, the most widely used child care management software, has teamed up with Learning Beyond Paper, Inc, the leader in digital curriculum, to offer early educators a tool they’ve been waiting for – an embedded, fully online curriculum program tailored to child care centers with a year-round program!

    Procare Early Learning Powered by Learning Beyond Paper is an all-digital curriculum specifically designed to meet the unique needs of educating children from infancy through pre-kindergarten.  

    The integration with Procare makes this curriculum program easy to use. New content, training and tools arrive automatically! It’s designed so teachers of all experience levels can understand it easily.  

    It includes more than 4,000 daily activities for infants, younger toddlers, older toddlers, preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners.  

    Let’s take a look at one such lesson that’s perfect for fall!

    Let’s Go Pumpkin Bowling!

    Learning areas in the Procare Early Learning curriculum include STEAM, language and literacy, physical development, cognitive, music and movement as well as interactive reading. Plus, teachers get tips and tools they can use in real time.

    The fall-themed lesson below is for preschoolers and focuses on physical development:

    screenshot of a lesson plan from Procare that details a delightful fall activity for preschoolers: pumpkin bowling.

    Let’s break down the sections of this lesson plan!

    First, notice that it’s tailored to the specific age group of preschoolers. The topic, activity name and learning objective are all clearly stated at the top of the lesson.

    Teachers then are given an organized list of what materials they’ll need to have ready for the activity, with pictures!

    The “Procedures and Teacher Talk” section gives a concise and easy-to-understand guide to carrying out the lesson. This is one way the Learning Beyond Paper curriculum gives teachers the tools they need to teach kids at specific age levels.

    Check out the column for learning support that includes an activity modification for children who are struggling. And the social-emotional development section tells you that this activity provides children with the opportunity to support their classmates by cheering them on.

    How Procare Early Learning Can Make Your Child Care Center Fun and Educational

    With Procare Early Learning powered by Learning Beyond Paper, your child care center can: 

    • Equip teachers with state-of-the-art online curriculum at their fingertips 
    • Dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on lesson planning each week 
    • Offer children a high-quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum 
    • Save money with this cost-efficient solution that’s integrated with Procare

    Want to learn more? Visit www.procaresolutions.com/curriculum and check out these resources as well:

    • Download “Procare Early Learning Powered by Learning Beyond Paper: What a Digital Curriculum Can Do For Your Child Care Center,” a free eBook, here.

    a photograph of Sarah Miller is accompanied by this quote: "The time savings have bee huge," Sarah said. "Teachers that had been spending up to five hours a week preparing lessons now are spending about an hour to accomplish the same goal.:

    Read here about how Procare Early Learning will save Sarah Miller’s child care center in West Virginia up to $1,600 a month!

    • Listen to our podcast about why curriculum is so important for young learners, particularly babies through pre-kindergarten. 

    • And check out this article on Procare Early Learning to learn more about this cost-effective solution that benefits children and sets your child care center a part from competitors!

    Procare is the only solution that can deliver the entire early childhood education ecosystem — lesson planning, lesson delivery within the classroom as well as assessment and parent engagement. Being able to do all of these with one platform simplifies classroom management and planning! 

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