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Best Practices in Child Care Data Security

Join Procare Solutions’ Director of Security and Compliance, Tony Bisulca, as he walks us through what child care centers and daycares must do to keep sensitive data safe and how Procare can help you uphold customer trust and your reputation.   

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Tony Biscula
Tony Biscula
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Upgrade your security with Procare to get:

  • Multi-factor authentication: Another verification factor to decrease the likelihood of a successful cyber attack
  • Privacy: Procare Solutions does not share customer data unlike some other child care software providers
  • Security and Compliance: Procare is the only child care management solution with a SOC 2 Type II compliance rating on all platforms
  • Protected Data: All data provided in-solution by customers is treated as sensitive
  • And more...

Webinar Details

In today’s digital age, going above and beyond to safeguard personal online information is not just a nice perk to offer — it’s a necessity. All businesses, including child care centers, must take steps to protect their own personal data as well as their customers’ sensitive information. And it’s vital to use the best practices in child care security. 

As a child care director or owner, you must help families keep their information safe on their end as well … something that is growing increasingly difficult as cybercrime becomes more prevalent.