Charge What You’re Worth – With Zero Guilt or Hesitation

View the “Charge What You’re Worth- With Zero Guilt or Hesitation” on-demand webinar with early learning business experts Kris Murray and Jennifer Conner as they reveal the secrets around best financial practices and how to raise rates with zero guilt or pushback from parents.

One of the greatest challenges in managing a child care business is knowing how to structure your tuition and when to increase rates to optimize your cash flow without overcharging parents.

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Kris Murray
Kris Murray
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Many owners and directors feel guilty when considering a tuition increase and get caught up in making this important business decision from their hearts rather than their heads. ​

Early learning leaders need to build confidence to charge what they’re worth and to proactively manage their financials to ensure the growth and viability of their programs. Don’t miss this important webinar, which will provide you with many tips, tactics and strategies to help your financial well-being and confidence.