KidReports Tips & Tricks for Teachers & Directors

published | 9/2/2018

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School has been in full swing for a couple of weeks now, and as directors and teachers using KidReports on a daily basis, you probably have your routines with the software down. Are you using KidReports to its full capacity though? We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for teachers and directors alike to make sure you’re getting the most out of our parent communication app.

For Directors

KidReports Tips & Tricks for  Directors
  • The approval queue is probably one of your most frequently used features. If you’re reviewing every activity teachers input though, you’re doing too much! It’s nice to know everything that’s going on in your center, but you can free up some of your time by reviewing only the most important activities--you may not need to review every diaper change or see that 6 out of 7 kids in a classroom ate their full lunches.
  • You can also manage classroom ratios from the app, which is useful for getting a holistic real-time view of your center and seeing exactly where you have space to move teachers or kids if the ratios aren’t right. This is great if you’re on the go or between meetings and don’t have time to stop into classrooms to see for yourself.

For Teachers

KidReports Tips & Tricks for Teachers
  • Make it easy for teachers to update children's activities by creating menus of the most frequently used items can make this task quick and efficient. For activities involving a variety of options such as meals, you can add the most popular items, like “string cheese” or “applesauce”. Then, when updating children’s activities, you can easily select what they ate without having to type it in each time.
  • You can also save time during the day by pre-planning activities with KidPlanner, a feature within KidReports. If you add activities before kids arrive for the day, or even plan them weeks in advance, you can spend more time interacting with the children while they’re present instead of on your phone rushing to log activities.
  • Finally, to surprise parents with something personalized, create a unique activity such as “Fun in the Sun” or “Look What I Did!” Sending cute updates and pictures through these activities will provide that personal touch parents love.

Overall, KidReports is a great resource for staying in communication with parents throughout the day. It’s easy to use on your part, and parents love the feeling of connection to the center through the updates and photos. Taking note of the tips above will help you get the most out of your daily communication--and keep everyone on the same page about the people they care about most.

If you don’t have KidReports yet, you can learn more here, or you can contact us now to speak with a representative or sign up for a demo.

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