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Sep 1, 2022 4 min read

Let Procare Consolidate Your Statements and Billing!

Procare By: Procare
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You pursued a career in early childhood education because you love children and are an educator — not an accountant! — at heart. Dealing with billing and tuition collection should not be taking up your valuable time.

With numerous payment options and great customer service, Procare Solutions offers an affordable and integrated payment collection solution for your child care center.

Since 2003, Procare has collected billions of dollars in tuition for child care programs. Every transaction is handled with a fee structure that’s one of the lowest in the industry.

As part of Procare’s Six C’s of Connection blog series, we’ll outline below how Procare can help you CONSOLIDATE statements and billing, and easily process tuition payments!

Making Payments Easy for Families

Procare was built with parents in mind, allowing for convenient online and secure payments that ensure your program gets your tuition on time — payments are automatically posted to the correct customer account!

More and more, parents depend on apps to manage their finances. Procare’s child care app allows parents to make online payments — from a checking or savings account, or a debit or credit card — to a child care program or daycare, including recurring payments!  It also gives parents a viewable list of transactions.

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Parents also can choose to pay from a computer, or in person at check-in or through a card reader. 

Families can access tuition statements, receipts and their payment history in real-time on the Procare child care app. Payments can be made quickly and securely, with next-day funding options for your program! And you can see a comprehensive payment history for each family at your center or enrichment program.

With this data, you can be confident that your records on child attendance, invoicing and payments received are correct. If parents have any questions about billing or notice any discrepancies, you’ll be able to provide relevant and efficient customer service and resolve the problem quickly by looking through the family’s account history, billing plan and attendance records.

Consolidated Payments and Financial Systems

a teacher with a group of preschoolers next to text that reads, "Collecting tuition used to be a full-time job for my business mananger. Now she is able to put energy into other projects because we have streamlined the collection of payments. -Allison, Preschool Director"

With Procare, you get a single dashboard for all your program’s needs without third-party software. Recurring plans can be set up to get automatic payments safely and securely via multiple payment options including automatic withdrawals from checking accounts as well as credit or debit cards.

You get a real-time view of all your child care program’s financials and receivables in the integrated dashboard showing tuition charges and balances tracking/calculations, multi-family billing options and fee transparency. This dashboard allows you to understand what your program is paying per transaction and why.

Families can access tuition statements, receipts and their payment history in real time on the Procare child care app. Payments can be made quickly and securely, with next-day-funding options for your program!

And you can see a comprehensive payment history for each family at your center or enrichment program.

With Procare’s online payment-processing capabilities, all the reporting is electronic. That means you’ll have access to records on your phone or computer. There’s no need to print and store reports when you can quickly find what you need with just a few clicks! No more wasting time standing in line at a bank to deposit paper checks!

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The Benefits of Integrated Billing and Payment Features within Your Center Management Software

See how child care center management software can make billings and payments a breeze. Automate invoices, easily process payments, view family balances, and more!

Automated Invoicing and Billing

Procare’s fully integrated center management platform, billing and payments are automated. That means Procare does the work for you and gives centers the ability to create and send invoices to parents easily. 

Procare provides online billing with the lowest transaction fees. Several options are available, including automatically sending one-time invoices or recurring invoices with an auto-pay option.

Want to do your billing based on attendance? You can, and even through the Procare child care mobile app if you choose.

Want to automatically add late fees to past-due accounts? Yep, you can do that too!

How Procare Can Help!

A graphic detailing the many ways Procare can help keep your daycare program's finances organized.

Procare’s fully integrated child care program management platform takes the hassle out of billing and payments and makes tuition collection a seamless experience for center providers.

And when you have a question, you need an answer quickly. That’s why Procare has a dedicated phone number and a dedicated support team just for payment-processing questions. You can get answers by phone, email or chat with a live person.

Simplifying invoicing, billing and payments can help save time and resources and keep your center healthy and more predictable. 

Take the next step to streamline and consolidate your child care program’s invoicing, billing and payments within ONE platform. Join us for a demo so we can answer your questions!  

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2024 Child Care Management Software Industry Trends

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