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Aug 5, 2022 5 min read

Procare Helps You Control and Manage Your Classrooms More Effectively 

Leah Woodbury By: Leah Woodbury

In today’s child care environment, tracking student information like attendance, ratios, enrollments, health checks and authorized pick-ups has never been more important. 

With Procare’s student tracking software, you can record and maintain up-to-the-minute information on the children in your care with the click of a button.

As part of Procare’s Six C’s of Connection blog series, we’ll outline below a few ways that Procare puts you in control of your child care center or program by handling much of the administrative tasks that take so much of your time. 

Let’s dive in!

Student Tracking Software

You can dramatically improve accuracy with automatic calculation of hours for child tuition, overtime, tuition collection and late pick-up fees. 

Procare also gives you tools to track health checks and immunizations to help you safeguard the well being of children and staff, as well as comprehensive reporting capabilities to easily compile and customize reports for all of your needs.

You can send messages to parents when they check in their children, as well as display recent accounting history and more!

Adding authorized pickups for children is easy too. Each authorized person will be issued their own unique four-digit pin giving them access to drop off or pick up a child from your center or school. 

Plus, real-time student attendance tracking ensure you’re always in compliance with ratios, and up-to-the-minute enrollment data helps you uncover opportunities to expand registration or manage waitlists.

You get a simple, easy-to-read view:

student attendance tracking shown on a computer screen

Procare’s student attendance tracker lets you record hours for children and/or staff (with employee data), charge attendance based fees and import staff hours to payroll.

And staff timecards are updated automatically with contactless checkins, which we’ll talk more about now!

Contactless Check-Ins and Checkout System

Relying on paper sheets to record when children are dropped off and picked up just doesn’t work anymore. It makes these times of day too chaotic and it doesn’t give you the information you need to adhere to staff-to-child ratios in real time.

Plus, you may have to devote an employee to managing that process. And given the challenges in hiring and keeping staff in early childhood education centers, that’s not something you can afford to do. 

Procare’s integrated technology allows families and your staff to use QR codes and/or GPS technology for a completely touch-free check-in and check-out system. 

Procare's child care check in system shown on a smartphone

Parents can check in their children using the Procare app without entering your building or by scanning a code once inside.

Each school and child care center uses a unique QR code that can be displayed on a tablet, computer, smartphone or printed on paper and displayed at your daycare. 

When parents or other family members arrive, they simply pull up the Procare app on their phone, select the QR code icon and scan. After scanning the code, the parent will be able to check in their child directly from their phone. 

Procare’s technology allows your teachers and other staff to sign in and sign out easily and quickly using a tablet at your center or their own phone.

Timecards automatically are updated, which frees up your time spent on a mundane administrative task.

You can get rid of stacks of paper time sheets that need to be tallied by hand and manually entered into your system. This feature for staff sign-ins and sign-outs saves you time that you can spend elsewhere in your center!

Questions about staff checkins and checkouts? Check out our support page here!

Procare Early Learning: An All-Digital Curriculum Program Designed for Young Learners 

 A curriculum hidden in a paper-stuffed binder or aged textbook isn’t the best way to meet the needs of children in the 21st century.  

 Take control of the learning happening in your classrooms with Procare Early Learning powered by Learning Beyond Paper

It blends Procare’s classroom management features with a 100% online curriculum developed by Learning Beyond Paper, a leading provider of digital curriculum designed for early childhood education, within one platform.  

Free eBook

What A Digital Curriculum Can Do For Your Child Care Center

See how a 100% online 52-week curriculum digital curriculum can transform your classrooms. It offers more than 4,000 lesson plans that are Head Start-certified and align with curriculum objectives in all 50 states.

Curriculum ebook cover

Pre-made lesson plans are ready to go for your teachers. It’s easy to use because the curriculum is embedded into Procare  — new content, training and tools arrive automatically!  This saves you time and money. 

Children get access to a high-quality online curriculum with a focus on STEAM learning — science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. It includes 52 weeks of lesson plans for five age groups, from 6 weeks old through pre-kindergarten, and over 4,000 daily and weekly activities.  

And every activity is linked to early childhood standards for each age group! 

a teacher and three students perform a science experiment

This structured early childhood education solution includes a digital curriculum that prepares children for kindergarten with lesson plans and daily activities that are carefully crafted to meet the unique development needs of each child.  

With Procare Early Learning, you can:   

  • Equip your teachers with state-of-the-art online curriculum at their fingertips 
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on lesson planning each week  
  • Offer your children a high-quality curriculum that doesn’t grow stagnant  
  • Save your center money with this cost-efficient solution that’s integrated with Procare’s child care management software  

Read this case study to learn how Procare Early Learning helped save a West Virginia child care center up to $1,600 a month.

Learn More about how Procare Can Put You in Control

Being in control of your child care center or program doesn’t mean you need to manually do everything. 

Procare gives you the power to simplify running your center while keeping you in the driver’s seat. 

Two out of three child care businesses that use management software choose Procare. We’d love to show you why. 

Request a demo today to see for yourself how Procare puts you in control!

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

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Leah Woodbury

Leah Woodbury is the head of content at Procare Solutions. Her job includes writing about topics that matter to child care professionals and finding ways to help them do their important work. She’s a mom of two who loves getting updates about what her preschooler is doing during the day via the Procare child care mobile app!

Leah Woodbury