Electronic Signature Pad

Capture, Store & Print Signatures

Procare Software -  Electronic Signature Capture

Capture & Store Parent Signatures at Check-in/out

The signature pad features a large 4.5″ monochrome LCD display that is easy to see in most office lighting environments. It offers a comfortable signing experience with a thin design and low-profile, flat surface.


  • 3-year overnight exchange warranty
  • Compact, economic signature solution
  • Robust and extremely durable design

$275 + S&H

Procare Software Digital Signature Caputre

Combine an electronic signature pad with a Procare Touch Computer (or your own computer) to record the signature of each authorized pick-up person at your child care, daycare or preschool. Choose a signature device for use with time and attendance tracking in Procare. Then print reports showing who dropped off or picked up a child, including their signature. Perfect for state attendance records and audits where a signature is required.

Note: Requires Procare version 10.2.5182 or higher.


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