Multifamily Payments Enable Way to Easily Bill Families with Divorced/Separated Parents

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This blog post originally ran Jan. 21, 2021, and was updated on June 8, 2022, with new information.

Managing the complexities of different family dynamics can be challenging in child care – especially when it comes to back-office tasks like billing. When a child has divorced or separated parents who are both responsible for child care payments, the situation can create additional hassles, both among the parents and the child care provider.

That’s why it’s helpful to have child care management software that offers multifamily or split-family payments.

What are Multifamily Payments?

Through its Multifamily Payments functionality, Procare allows each parent or caregiver to have their own, separate account that enables them to make payments to the center. By having a separate account, each parent has complete privacy and only has visibility into their own account. Multifamily Payments also allows each parent to communicate with the center and know their messages will not be shared with their child’s other parent/family.

How Does it Work?

The center selects Multifamily and can configure two separate accounts for each parent.

The center can then select how much each family pays, whether it’s half and half or a split depending on how much each family has agreed to pay.

Payment plans can be set as either monthly or recurring, and you can easily create invoices with the click of a button.

To learn more about Procare’s capabilities to split payments among family members, visit our support page!

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