Lead Insights Feature Helps Procare Users Track Prospective Customers, Boost Enrollment

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Attracting new families is a key part of operating a successful child care business. To do that well, you need to know how effective you are at enrolling families who show an interest in your center. 

That’s where Lead Insights can help. It’s an enhancement offered through Procare Solutions to optimize and grow your business. 

Lead Insights is a dashboard that shows how effective your center is at converting prospective customers, also known as leads, into clients to help you drive enrollment.

Simply put, it applies software metrics tailored to measure the effectiveness and health of how your child care center is managing those leads. And it gives you the results in a concise, easy-to-read format:

The dashboard gives you the ability to filter leads by classroom, child age and source. It sets Procare Solutions apart from similar child care software systems, giving Procare customers a huge advantage by creating valuable reports to help better understand potential customers and execute lead management. 

Leads Insights uses an insights funnel diagram to help you visualize how prospective customers are moving toward enrollment, from start to finish.

You can choose a series of statuses to help you track leads. The funnel shows you how a family goes from being interested in your center, to touring it, to being admitted and ultimately enrolled, which is the bottom of the funnel. (Waitlisted families, for instance, would be at the top of the funnel.) 

The funnel shows you the percentage of leads that convert from one status to the next, as well as the average time a prospective customer spends in each status. 

Another way Leads Insights shows how your customers move from showing interest to enrolling is through an easy-to-follow pipeline illustration, which is a snapshot of leads by status for a given date, allowing you to compare one date to another.

Procare Online users can find Lead Insights within the Leads feature in the Online web portal.

Have more questions? Check out our support page here for more details on how this new feature can help you grow your business!

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