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published | 10/1/2018

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Besides its toll on the environment, paper is also difficult to keep track of. How many times have you heard parents ask teachers for another schedule, or seen them have friends send them a picture of an informational flyer because they lost theirs? Luckily, there’s an easy and efficient solution: Start sending updates, flyers, and handouts via email, text, and push notification. Procare and its services provide several ways to accomplish this.

Procare Software

Using Procare Software Saves Time and Paper

Through Procare, you can text or email parents individually or in bulk with a few clicks of the mouse. Instead of sending a paper reminder slip home in a child’s backpack, easily text a group of parents that they’ll need to send their kids with sunscreen and a hat the following day. Or, quickly email the new month’s lunch menu. You can even save any Procare report as a PDF instead of printing it. And, you can email statements and tax summaries to parents at any time.

We’ve written a blog post before about how to use Procare to email parents, or you can watch our instructional video about emailing through Procare. We also provide an instructional video on texting.


KidReports provides easy ways to send updates to parents

KidReports also provides easy ways to send updates to parents. Besides real-time activity alerts, photos, and comprehensive daily reports (which parents choose to receive via email, text, or push), KidReports also includes a centralized messaging system. Through centralized messaging, directors can send center updates, reminders, informational flyers, and more (teachers, with permission, can also use centralized messaging to send information to their individual classes). 

Tuition Express

Save Paper with Tuition Express

Printing bills and collecting tuition checks is one more use of paper that can easily be replaced with an electronic system. With Tuition Express and MyProcare, parents can access statements and reports online in one easily accessible location. Parents can check up on their own balances instead of having you print reports for them, and with automated tuition collection directly from banks or credit/debit cards, you won’t even need to send reminders or deposit paper checks.

Save Trees, & Save Yourself in the Process

At the end of the day, sending information electronically doesn’t just save trees, it makes life easier for you too. There’s no more need to hang flyers around the school, carry stacks of paper to hand parents, or send informational sheets home with kids and worry about them being lost or forgotten. With email, text reminders, push notifications, and online portals, information is instantly available to parents and easy to find again--there’s no more chance of losing that important slip of paper with the time and location of a child’s music recital under the couch.

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