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Jul 8, 2022 3 min read

Why Integrated Payment Processing Matters for Child Care Centers   

Procare By: Procare
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Being able to access your money when you need it is vital to running a child care business.  

Record inflation has caused prices of everyday items to soar. When your families make tuition payments, you need – and deserve! – access to those funds quickly. 

That’s why Procare Solutions provides online billing with low transaction fees. Funds are typically processed the following business day (subject to bank funding and processing approvals)!

How can Procare do this? One reason is that Procare does not use any third-party processors. 

Procare is the only child care center management software with integrated proprietary payment processing. That means your daycare will always get low fees and dedicated support at no additional charge. 

Take a look at how Procare stacks up to another child care management software provider that relies on a third-party processor that comes with higher rates and fees.   

You don’t have to worry about that lack of control with Procare. 

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The Benefits of Integrated Billing and Payment Features within Your Center Management Software

Procare’s in-house payment processing allows your center to accept and process multiple types of payments and takes care of the burdensome administrative work for you.  

 The faster you can turn around your billing and payments, the quicker the money goes into your bank account and is ready to be used.  

Other payment processors can wait for a payment to clear before giving that money to a center … sometimes up to seven days. 

Interested in learning more ways to streamline your child care center’s billing, invoicing and payments? Check out this infographic!

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With Procare, you can be confident when you tell families that their financial data, including credit-card numbers, are being protected.  

In addition to strong data encryption, Procare uses hardened security standards including individual account and password authentications, role-based security authorization and complete change control auditing.  

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Integrated Billing and Payment Capabilities Within Your Center Management Platform

Learn How Procare Can Help Your Center! 

 Procare is your all-in-one payment processing solution, providing rock-solid, PCI level 1 secure transactions without the middleman fees because we’re our own processor!  

Several options are available for easy child care billing, including automatically sending one-time invoices or recurring invoices with an auto-pay option and billing based on attendance.   

 With Procare you can:  

  • Accept credit or debit card payments in person, online or via the child care mobile app  
  • Set up payments directly from a family’s bank account  
  • Get funding for credit cards and automatic payments from checking accounts to ensure you are not waiting for your funds  
  • Electronically process checks without traveling to the bank  
  • Accept and process split fees or co-payments from government agencies without additional hassle  
  • Avoid hidden fees, annual contracts and set-up fees for new customers 

Get your money on time, every time. Procare is used by two out of three child care businesses that use center management software. 

Make the move today to the best all-in-one child care management solution in the market! 

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Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

Discover strategies, tools and best practices to propel your child care business to new heights

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