Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop-off and Pick-up Made Easier and Safer

Drop-off and pick-up are the busiest times at a child care center, and these days, it’s not just about making sure children are checked in and out accurately and on time – it’s about ensuring the process is as safe as possible.

Drop-off and Pick-up Made Easier and Safer

Contactless check-in/out, advanced tracking and reporting makes pick-up and drop-off easy and safe.

Enable contactless check-in/out, all through an easy-to-use app

Implement contactless solutions like QR codes and/or GPS technology to create a completely touch-free check-in and out process through the Procare app.

Communicate with parents to provide updates on drop-off/pick-up procedures

Changes in drop-off or pick-up procedures at your center? You can quickly alert parents with Procare’s app, which allows you to send messages either individually or via group messaging.

Create and view authorized pick-ups

Ensure the safety of the children in your care by assigning authorized pick-up people to their account. Each person has their own pin, and you can include a photo for easy recognition.

Leverage Procare’s integrated tracking features to monitor real-time attendance and ratios.

Once a child is checked in or out, that information is immediately populated into an attendance dashboard, where you can see how and when they checked in or out, their assigned room, hours attended, absences and parents’ signatures (if applicable). You can also track ratios and compile daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly reports.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“We use this application for students and staff alike as our sign-in station and communication tool. This helps us track student and staff attendance down the day and minute which is invaluable to grant reporting, payroll and tuition reimbursements.” – Amanda, Director

“As a director, I could easily see which students were there on the home page and the home page was customizable to what I wanted to see (ex. upcoming staff/child birthdays, children currently checked in, children recently checked in/out etc.).” – Marissa, Teacher

“Procare is by far one of the most user friendly, high quality, and best supported software programs we use!” – Lea, HR Director

Solving Common Child Care Challenges with Advanced Technology

Procare Contactless Sign In

Contactless Check-in

Maximize the safety of students, parents and staff during the busiest time of the day with contactless QR code and GPS check-in technology – all done from a parent’s smartphone.

Parent Messaging

Keep parents in the loop on their child’s daily activities, milestones and more within one easy app. Send photos and videos as well as keep parents updated on upcoming events and time-sensitive information.

Attendance Dashboard

Keep your staff and children safe while maintaining social distancing and cluster management.

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