Early Childhood Learning

Early Childhood Learning for Centers and Programs

The youngest years of a child’s life are some of the most important to set them up for long-term educational success. With Procare Solutions, you can plan weekly lessons, manage curriculum, and assess children’s developmental progress.

Children with staff learning to play an instrument

How can Procare help with Early Childhood Learning?

Track Milestones

Easily view developmental progress for all students.

Create Lessons

Create weekly lesson plans and tailor curriculum to your school.

Customize Assessments

Customize your assessment standards to fit your needs.

Share Assessments

Share assessment portfolios with parents.

Track Progress

Track student progress with observations.

Build Lesson Repository

Manage all lessons and add labels and associated milestones.

Ready to get started?

Discover how Procare has helped hundreds of thousands of early childhood professionals streamline student attendance tracking and more.

Weekly Lesson Plans

Plan out your lessons for each room or age group.

  • Create and share lesson plans
  • Add unlimited additional lesson materials
  • Capture state standard milestones with lessons
Procare Connect - weekly lesson plans
Procare Connect - milestones

Track Early Education Milestones

No more recording your assessments on paper. Use our fully customizable templates for measuring each child’s progress. Procare offers each of the 50 State Assessment Standards and more, including NAEYC, California DRDP and Early Learning Foundations Standards. And if you have a customized assessment of your own, you can use that too.

  • Customize each of your domains and milestones
  • Comply with any state’s required learning standards
  • Use your own progress labels to track development
  • Build student development portfolios

Learn More About Our Alignment with State Standards and Montessori Standards

Capture Daily Observations on Mobile

Simply take a picture or record an observation and Procare will automatically attach them to a student’s portfolio.

  • Log observations or draw from other recorded activities
  • Share daily observations with parents (optional)
  • Attach pictures and specific milestones to each observation

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