How to Build a Profitable Daycare Business

How to Build a Profitable Daycare Business

published | 6/27/2019

Daycare Billing Business Planning Tuition

Profit is not a profanity in child care; at least, we shouldn’t treat it like one.

How Parent Engagement Leads to Child Care Success

How Parent Engagement Leads to Child Care Success

published | 5/31/2019

Early Child Care Development Tracking Activities

Parents that find themselves isolated from the educational journey that their child is embarking on don’t do so on purpose. Rather, it’s a common trap that both providers and parents fall into. ...

Simplify Daycare Tuition Collection

Tuition Express Explained: Improving Your Cash Flow

published | 5/21/2019

Tuition Express Tuition

If your business isn’t thriving on the inside, delivering high-quality care and education can be a challenge. Consistent cash flow represents a solution for problems before they have a chance to ...

Press Release: Acquisition of Kinderlime

Procare Software® Announces Acquisition of Kinderlime

published | 5/15/2019

Press Release

Procare Software (“Procare”), a global leader in child care management solutions, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Kinderlime Inc. a leading online ...

Procare Software Release Notes

Release Notes: 2019.1

published | 5/1/2019

Procare Software Software

Discover the latest Procare program features now available with our most recent software update.

Getting the Most out of Your Child Care Management

Getting the Most out of Your Child Care Management System

published | 4/9/2019

Procare Software Software

The child care industry is adopting a data-driven, technological approach to drive management styles and strategies. This type of approach helps maximize resources and improve the day-to-day ...

Common Challenges of Opening a Daycare

Common Challenges of Opening a Daycare & How to Overcome Them

published | 4/2/2019

Daycare Business Planning

Opening a daycare center might be your next move. And, it’s probably unlike any other business venture you’ve experienced in the past.

ReadingIQ from ABCmouse

published | 4/1/2019

Early Child Care Development

We’ve just added more than 75 books from Charlesbridge Publishing. This includes fascinating biographies, award-winning chapter books, and bilingual stories.

Procare Cloud Video

published | 4/1/2019

Procare Software Security Software Registration

Learn more about the benefits of Procare Cloud, MyProcare and KidReports

Choosing the Best Accounting Software

Choosing the Best Accounting Software for Your Child Care Center

published | 3/27/2019

Procare Software Billing Budget

Incorporating accounting software at your child care center has distinct advantages for both your business and the families you provide care for daily. These advantages include gaining ...

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